Three Girls

Note: This post has some language.

Some people seem to think I do a lot of different things and push pretty hard when I do them.  I’m not very gradual; once I’m into something, I’m really into it.  My wife likes to laugh at my T-shirt drawer, because she says you can trace the evolution of my hobbies over time based on T-shirts.  The older shirts are all about car racing.  These days the newer shirts are all about powerlifting.

One of the big takeaways that people take from this is that I have a lot of motivation.  I think this is total crap – my motivation is actually horrible!  If I’m not into something, I can barely make myself do it.  I’ve got to make it cool first.

So today I thought I’d talk about motivation, and the personal reasons for why Continue reading “Three Girls”

College Majors: The Difference Between a Career and a Field

I’ve gotten in my fair share of trouble in conversations by voicing my opinion that not all majors are created equal.  But.. not all majors are created equal.  Usually, I’m debating the differences between something like an engineering major and a business or education major.  But we can prove it by looking at some more unusual examples.

My favorites are Bowling Industry Management and Technology and Floral Management.

So here’s the thing.  These are completely valid and potentially highly interesting businesses or careers.  They can help provide a good life and be a great career.  I have absolutely nothing against them.   Continue reading “College Majors: The Difference Between a Career and a Field”

Make It Cool.

This weekend had a fairly momentous occasion for my young family, or at least for Maureen and I.  My son, Eric, pooped on the potty for the first time.

If you’ve ever done the potty training thing, you’ll know how this feels.  It feels like FINALLY.  This has been awhile in the making.. and with a baby in diapers too, it’s been extra frustrating.

The process underlined for me an important thing to remember as parents: the kid’s will. Continue reading “Make It Cool.”

The iPad Checklist – Managing Screen Time

My daughter just turned five and we got her an iPad for her birthday.

If you’re anything like me, you worry about your kids screen time and you’ve probably got some choice words to say about my parenting style now, so let me tell you why my wife and I think this is a good idea.

I’m a computer scientist and engineer by both training and profession, and I profoundly believe that software is eating the world. Programming and Continue reading “The iPad Checklist – Managing Screen Time”