Weekly Links #1

Weekly, we’ll try to send just a couple of links that will make you stop and think about how we raise our kids, what we do with them, and how to make them the coolest humans possible.  Without further ado, here’s our top three for the week!

The Start Something Fund to Replace the College Fund: Might be time to think twice about throwing $50k/year at college.  How could they learn even more during the same time?
The 3D Printed Frankenstein Light Plate: got a 3D printer?  These might be the coolest light plates for your kid’s room.. or yours.
The Pygg: What’s in a name?  Pygg was the name of the clay used to make the first piggy banks to store money.

Make It Cool.

This weekend had a fairly momentous occasion for my young family, or at least for Maureen and I.  My son, Eric, pooped on the potty for the first time.

If you’ve ever done the potty training thing, you’ll know how this feels.  It feels like FINALLY.  This has been awhile in the making.. and with a baby in diapers too, it’s been extra frustrating.

The process underlined for me an important thing to remember as parents: the kid’s will. Continue reading “Make It Cool.”